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Imbolc Wishes

Today we celebrated the traditional Celtic festival, Imbolc. In the Celtic seasonal calendar, Imbolc signals the beginnings of spring and the stirrings of new life. And today really felt spring-like with the sun brightly shining, fresh new growth around us, snowdrops and hellebores flowering. Imbolc is traditionally a fire festival so first we built a…

Orchard Restoration

When we took over the neighbouring overgrown plot with old fruit trees we initially left the brambles and nettles to grow quite wild but this January we’ve been restoring it into a more traditional orchard. The first big task was for Nigel and Sam to clear lots of twisted, thick brambles and dig out the…

Happy New Year!

So, 2022 was a bit of a struggle at our allotment community site, with extreme weather – from a month non-stop rain into summer drought with the highest temperatures on record then into a deep frost and further rains! But we managed to have a really successful year and a great time. We had several…

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