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Happy New Year!

So, 2022 was a bit of a struggle at our allotment community site, with extreme weather – from a month non-stop rain into summer drought with the highest temperatures on record then into a deep frost and further rains!

But we managed to have a really successful year and a great time. We had several really successful vegetable stalls in the community, including our Pumpkin stall at the Future Business Centre in October.

And several stalls in the city centre where we received lots of donations for the project and interest from passers by.

Along with the usual veg and fruit growing, community stalls, bee keeping and forest skills sessions we also started some new projects in 2022.

We designed, built and planted our Winter Show Garden with a curving living willow tunnel, a lovely curved bench (donated by Emmaus Cambridge) and lots of winter interest plants that are starting to flower right now. Watch this space for updates on the beautiful winter space over the next month or so.

We unfortunately said good bye to Sarah but welcomed our new Bee Mentor Anne Marie who has already run some workshops with some of the group members.

We also started our indoor arts and crafting sessions in 2022 which have been extremely successful so far.

The crochet and macrame sessions were really fun and in December we enjoyed some traditional winter crafts including clove orange decorations.

We ended the year with a big xmas dinner celebration at the Fort St. George pub in town.

We hope you all had a lovely winter break as we did. Now we’re ready to get stuck into another exciting year at the allotments. Here’s to a fantastic 2023!


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